Thursday, March 10, 2005

John Thompson

I love how John Thompson has become the Barbara Walters of the NBA. First, he made KG cry. Tonight he showed us Baron Davis' Jamie Foxx side with Baron's cuter than cute grandma. I'm waiting for the ultimate showdown though, when the master interviewer takes on the master interviewee: Thompson vs. Stern. Live and uncensored. Oh I'd love to see that. Thompson badgering him with "David, give it to me straight. I don't want a PC answer. I want the truth," while David Stern sits there with that demonic smile plastered on his face while his innards stew.

After that, I think Coach should start a View-esque show called The Bench. Let's see, Magic could be Joy Behar, the wise cracking one (although flashbacks to The Magic Hour would make us cry more than laugh); Star Jones would be played by the only other person whose girth we would mock with equal glee - Sir Charles; the on air disaster also known as Debbie Matenopoulos would be played by the equally challenged Tom Tolbert until he was canned for Steve Kerr.

Ahh which grown ass man is John Thompson going to reduce to tears next...

By the way, what the fuck is Michael Jackson thinking showing up to court in his pajamas??? Even Ron Artest and Stephen Jackson ain't THAT crazy!

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