Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Real World

So I'm at the gym and the Nazi receptionist absolutely refuses to change the TV channels leaving me with
a) MTV;
b) Convert to Christianity NOW, aka the Kirk Cameron channel;
c) Infomercials.

Now something you have to know about me is that I abhor MTV. It's the television equivalent of Kobe Bryant - I feel physically ill after watching something so fake and self-absorbed, but I'll watch when I know someone I like is going to be on (like this weekend when Dirk gets Punk'd).

So after 20 min of crazed Bush supporters and at-home rotisseries, I glanced over at MTV and who do I see next to the crazy looking white boy? David Harrison. I was like what the fuck is David Harrison doing on the Real World. He's crazy looking white boy's best friend.

Then he caused a fight between white boy and his girlfriend - even then, DH causing all that chaos. Anyway, the night ended with WB walking DH home and stopping to have a heart to heart with him on a bench under the moonlight. So sweet. No wonder people in Philly threw chairs at the Real Worlders.

Anyway, my point? The Mavs better beat the Lakers tomorrow. :)

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