Wednesday, March 23, 2005

George Karl

Oh George. I think he's auditioning to be a member of my Detroit family.

It's nice, though, to see a coach with a sense of humor, even if it is all flabby and pale. At least George's fosters team unity and raises spirits, unlike a certain c-u-next-tuesday. I say good riddance, Paul Silas. Whatever his coaching prowess once was, he's clearly lost his mind. Perhaps he should have spent more time devising his X's and O's than his c-u-n-t's. Game over...Flip?


Aurelius said...

I thought it was a great way to join his team during this hot streak and keep things loose. There is no way I can see Jeff Bzdelik doing this or ANY other coach for that matter.

Courtside said...

The only other coach I think who would even consider doing that is Don Nelson and...sniff sniff...he's gone! Oh Nellie.

But you're right, Aurelius, about Bzdelik.

Now I want to see George Karl jump off the high dive, a la Pete Carroll!