Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who Says Money Can't Buy Happiness?

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The official wedding photos have been released. Now we'll be able to see if The Wedding of the Year lived up to the hype and $2 million price tag.

You know it's all about the dress though. Let's see if Angel Sanchez can do for Eva what Narciso Rodriguez did for Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. (For you boys, Narciso Rodriguez basically created THE iconic wedding dress of the '90s, which was subsequently copied by thousands of women.)

I'm also interested to see if OK! magazine will do for Eva and Tony what it did for Posh and Becks, who also had their wedding featured in OK! If ever there was a more self-aggrandizing, sybaritic couple than Posh and Becks, it would be Mme and M. Parker. Let's see if LA is big enough for the 4 of them, starting with the battle of the dueling magazine covers.

As much as I hate to buy into the hype, I already have a subscription to W and my insane curiosity about Le Wedding will most definitely overcome my distaste for pimping your wedding for money and publicity when you're already rich and famous. Ah well. I will now sell my soul to the devil. I just hope the pictures are pretty.

Photo Source: OK! Magazine, People, Just Jared, W Magazine

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