Saturday, July 07, 2007

Le Wedding Pictures

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Day One of the festivities officially began yesterday with a civil ceremony at the Hotel de Ville of the 4th arrondissement. It's a gorgeous building in my favorite shopping area in Paris, the Marais. This leads me to the subject of fashion, namely Eva's.

Eva's usually hit-or-miss with her fashion choices, so I love that she left herself in the very capable hands of Karl Lagerfeld and gave in to the restorative power of Chanel. She looks fantastic in those dresses.

One thing, though.

Why on earth would you wear CFMs on your wedding day??? I know Earl Boykins feels like Yao next to her and all, but's your wedding day one of your wedding days! Silver and red stilettos in the day...even in the gay's just not...oh hell. She's marrying the reigning NBA Finals MVP in PARIS with the whole world watching. And paying her $2 million for the rights. She can do whatever the hell she wants.

Now, about those bangs...

You can take the girl out of Texas...

Just kidding. She looks fabulous. Tony looks like the second coming of Maurice Chevalier. What can I say but eat your heart out, Posh. Or just eat.

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