Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Le Wedding Guests

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Baron Davis: Poor B. Diddy, can't get any love. There isn't one picture of him that isn't obscured by Jessica Alba. On the other hand, maybe he is getting some love....???

Boris Diaw: Best man. Snazzy dresser. Kinda have a crush on him after reading :07 Seconds or Less.

Ronny Turiaf: At first, thought he was selling Red Stripe. My bad. I've been out of the country too long. Je t'adore, Ronny!

Thierry Henry: Adorable. Or as they say in Spanish, adorable!

Tony Parker, Sr: He just never seems happy. I've yet to see him smile.

Pop: A cultivated man without any of the bullshit. What can I say, I love him. Hmm, I wonder if that's his wife or daughter.

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