Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Press Conference

Danny Ainge looks like the cat who ate the canary. Or rather the T-wolf.

At the press conference, aside from reassuring everyone that KG does indeed heart Boston, he also went out of his way to defend the trade from Minnesota's end. However, it sounded more like when the big brother scams the little brother and then tries to justify it so the little brother doesn't go crying to Mommy (in this case, David Stern). He said,

"Minnesota got a good deal in this deal...We've invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears with them [Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, et al]...Minnesota's in one phase of their franchise, where we have been, in developing young players. And we're in another phase right now."

Basically, Minny's in the losing phase and Boston is not. Haha.

My favorite quote from the press conference, though, came from Wyc Grousbeck, managing partner and governor for the C's. When talking about Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers, he actually said, "They've created a culture here of being patient."

Ahh, so that's what Danny and Isiah and the Billies (Knight and King) were/are doing. They're creating cultures of patience. Good to know.

The word of the day for KG was chemistry. As he said, repeatedly, "Chemistry is a big thing." The word of the day for Wally Szczerbiak was, "Fuck."

All in all, the press conference went well. Paul Pierce was beyond giddy. Ray Allen was boring. However, to offset his personality, he wore the loudest, gaudiest tie he could find. Danny Ainge thanked everyone but his mama and had to stop himself from thanking Kevin McHale too profusely. Doc Rivers managed to stay semi-conscious. Should be one interesting season.

Photo Source: AP

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