Thursday, June 23, 2005


Calling all Germans. Anrufen aller Deutschen.

This is a question that's been bugging me for 3 years. What in the world does "scheizen" mean?

Remember the Nellie American Express commercial? One of my absolute favorite commercials, by the way. In it, Nellie (the man at the forefront of the Eur/Asian invasion) buys all these foreign language books before going to practice. Who can forget his "Nein, Nowitzki, nein" and "Hey, Nashie, how about hustling up a bit, eh? Ya hoser!" Anyway, Dirk says something in German that ends with "scheizen" and Nellie just looks at him and goes, "Scheizen? Scheissen?" and starts flipping through his dictionary. The end. But what does it mean?! Help! Hilfe!

Sadly, with the departure of Nellie and Steve Nash, the commercial's become obsolete but it's still absolutely brilliant.

By the way, if I've said something to the equivalent of JFK's "Ich bein ein berliner," my bad. I'm really not a jelly donut.


Anonymous said...

scheissen means "to shit"...i suppose he said "scheisse" which would be the noun! ;-)

Courtside said...

Really? It means shit??

This adds a whole new element to the commercial. Was Dirk saying he shot like shit...Nellie's play was shit...Hmm.

Anonymous said...

did he say "bescheissen"?
this means "cheating"

Anonymous said...

did he say "bescheissen"?
this means "cheating" (to shit on someone)

byip80 said...

It means to "shoot". Dirk said he thought he was supposed to shoot.