Monday, June 06, 2005

Now THIS is How You Get the Party Started

Instead of a song, why don't ESPN, TNT, and ABC just show the pregame introductions? The Heat and every other team around the league (exception: Clippers - damn you Donald Sterling!) spend a lot of time and money to create these extravaganzas...Why replace the fireworks and Masons (Pistons' P.A. announcer) with dull banter and pointless commentary? Do we really need Mike Tirico telling us that Game 7 is a must-win for both teams?

I still remember Ray Clay doing the Bulls' introduction 10 years ago...Who doesn't:
"Aaaaand now, the starting lineup for your Chicago Bulls...At forward, from Central Arkansas, 6'7, Scottie Pippen...From North Carolina, at guard, 6'6, Michael Jorrrrrrdan!"

Although now North Carolina, et al, have been replaced with something-something-high-school and blah-blah-academy, those openings are what get you pumped up right before the game and make your heart beat even faster. In 10 years, what are you more inclined to remember - the Pistons and their "Chauncey B-b-b-b-b-b-billups!" or Bill Walton's prediction that the game "will be the most important in the history of western civilization." What's the point of a pre-game show that doesn't show any of the pre-game introductions? C'mon, give us the bells and whistles before we're condemned to a lethal injection of Walton and Tolbert.

PS. For all the other nostalgic saps, here's where you can download the old Bulls' opening, theme music included. (

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