Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mark Cuban, Ya Cheap Bastard!

When he's not trying to pimp out his players' threads, he's trying to pimp out his fan base.

I previously mentioned that I thought the Suns and the Pistons had the best team websites this year. One of the reasons being they have a lot of pictures, both on and off the court, like the one of Jim Jackson reading and this one of Steve Nash napping on the plane.
By the way, how is that position remotely comfortable? His back must really be fuuuuuuucked up.

Anyway, on the Mavs website, there's a new section called "Take Yourself Behind-The-Scenes!" where you can see "never-before-seen photos of Mavs players and fans" etc etc. Unfortunately, the "scrapbook" is mainly one-inch thumbnails of various fans and random objects with "Mavs" emblazoned on it. There are some shots of actual players doing behind-the-scenes type things - like Marquis Daniels getting his hair done - but if you want to see them, it's straight cash, homey. If you click on the thumbnail to enlarge the picture, you just get a picture with "PROOF" stamped across the middle. To see the actual picture, it's $5.00 for 4x6 and $10.00 for 5x7. What in the name of Disneyland is this bullshit? At least Tinkerbell flies into your picture at Disneyland.

By the way, in other Mavs bullshit, under the "Behind-The-Scenes!" headline, there's one that says "Finley and Nowitzki have successful offseason surgeries." I, not realizing that ascribes to the Fox News theory of reporting, got all concerned that Dirk had a surgery-requiring injury I didn't know about until I clicked on the link and realized it was a fucking dental procedure. Goddamn Mavs. Oh and I wasn't trying to play Fin like Nick Lachey and only acknowledge the blonde at his side. Everyone already knew he was going to have off-season surgery, whereas I was surprised that Dirk needed one, too.


BeBe30 said...

Ummm....yeah. Do they really need that much more money? Oooh, I loved the comment about Tinkerbell. It brings back such fond memories of that magical day in Disneyland. I need to get back there soon.

Also, Courtside, I think you owe Henrik a comment or two from Game 1 regarding the musical selections of the evening.

As for Game 4 -- I sure hope the Pistons can keep up this momentum!

Courtside said...

I know, I know...I'm still recovering from Vegas!