Thursday, June 16, 2005

Once a Mama's Boy, Always a Mama's Boy

Elden Campbell must be what, 40, 45 years old? Yet there he was mouthing "Hi Mama" to the camera during his introduction before Game 3. How cute is that?

Speaking of Elden (how often do you hear that), here are some fun facts:

1. He has a son named Jayle and a daughter named Jael.
I don't know why either.

2. He's teaching Tayshaun Prince how to play PSP.
At first, I was like how the hell does Elden's old ass know how to play PSP and Tayshaun doesn't?! Then, Mike reminded me, "Because he's on the bench all the time!!"

I still love you, Elden...15 years and counting.

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