Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Starting the New Year Off With A Bang


I'm already over '08. Behold my once beautiful Mac. I wish I could say something cool like this happened in the heat of battle during the Jags-Steelers game or the Spurs-Warriors game, where I got so excited that the remote flew out of my hand. But no. The Spurs-Warriors game was on in the background, but this travesty happened because I was playing with my new dog and forgot that I left my tank of a camera on the bed, so when I pulled the blanket over my head (you know, to play peek-a-boo), the camera went flying and hit my laptop dead-on. The $300 camera, fine. The nearly $3000 laptop that I carted all over Europe without even a scratch, well, you can see for yourself. I can't even bring myself to call Mac to see how much it's gonna cost to fix because I know it's going to be something insane. I didn't even like dogs before this one. And technically, I'm not even the owner of the dog...yet. Had this happened a month ago to anybody else, I would have said, "This is what happens when you play freakin' peek-a-boo with an animal and treat it like it's a person!" But now, broken laptop and all, I love my dog and am willing to go to Iggy-like lengths to keep her. (More on that later.)

So yeah, an ignominious start to the new year. At least the Spurs and the Warriors provided a little distraction after THE HIT occurred, although after OT, I went right back to being catatonic. But if anybody's interested in an indestructible camera, get the Canon PowerShot SD450 (Digital Elph series). Hell, I'll give you mine. I can't even look at it right now. Anyway, hope you had a Happy New Year!

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Michael said...

dude. that blows. as a new convert to the macbook love, i totally feel your pain. glad to see that you're back to posting more often. :)