Sunday, January 13, 2008

NFL's Finest

Another playoff series. Another epic Dallas collapse. If the Mavs don't step up this year, the Dallas fanbase may soon rival Philly's in anger and frustration.

While I feel for the Dallas faithful (though not so much for T.O. or Romo), I'm thrilled by this weekend's results. All of my picks, even the ones I didn't have much okay, any stock in (San Diego), came through. I even stopped reading my book for 2 agonizing days because I knew once I picked it up, I wouldn't be able to put it down until it was done, thus not getting any sleep and being exhausted for the games. The 10am Sunday start time is bad enough. Thank God for the hour of DVR playback or I would have missed the start of the Chargers-Colts game.

On a sidenote, can I just say how glad I am to be back in the States? That means a lot coming from me because I love to travel and I always thought I'd move abroad after college and never look back. Well, I did move abroad and as wonderful an experience as it was, I ended up looking back and coming back. I was bitching and moaning for awhile there after I came back, but I can finally wholeheartedly say there's no place like home. This time last year, I was on my cell with my cousin at 3am Paris time as she held the phone up to her TV for the last 20 minutes of the Pats-Chargers game. 20 minutes at I don't even remember how many euros per minute. At least the Pats won that game though. The following week when they lost at Indy...Tom Brady and Co. owe me money for that call. And, like Gisele, I would like to be paid in euros.

Back to the games. I love how the Pats and Packers are sitting pretty and relatively unscathed as the Chargers and Giants played their minds and bodies out. And the damage the two victorious road teams left in their wake: a sobbing T.O., a despondent Romo, a possibly out-of-a-job Phillips, a moded Tiki.

T.O.'s really upset because he couldn't find his lip gloss before the interview.

Peyton doesn't seem as hard-pressed anymore - in the postgame, I mean. He's still as annoyingly prepared and competitive as ever on the field, but a loss like this doesn't seem like it's going to gnaw at him as much. No more Dan Marino comparisons for him. Now he's being compared to Little Brother. I liked Eli's response when some reporter asked if it felt good to win when Peyton lost. Eli just looked at him in disgust and said, "Next question."

At the request of my cousin - the same one who held the phone up to the TV on countless occasions - NBA's Finest will be NFL heavy for the next 3 weeks. Actually, she wants it to be NFL heavy all the time because "then [she] would read it more." Sigh. I guess the NBA really isn't what it once was. And truth be told, the potential Packers-Patriots matchup is too exciting to ignore. So welcome to NBA and NFL's Finest!

Photo Source: Getty Images, AP Photo


Michael said...

Well, I can't say that I mind the NFL focus, especially around this time of year, but I hope you won't abandon the Association entirely.

The redesign is a cute integration, BTW.

Courtside said...

I could NEVER abandon the Association.

Glad you like the new banner. I would have included Philip Rivers, but I couldn't find a young picture of him, which is weird considering he acts like such a child.