Thursday, January 17, 2008

CruelLA Fans

We get it. Kwame Brown sucks. I'm sure he gets it, too. So is it really necessary to boo him EVERY single time he touches the ball, which is what Laker fans did throughout the 3rd quarter of the Suns-Lakers game? I understand why Knicks fans boo Isiah - he could use a little a lot of humbling and a massive reality check. Sadly, the only check he's getting is a massive paycheck because James Dolan is as delusional as he is. Isiah probably feeds off the negativity because it reminds him of his Detroit Bad Boy days and thus further inflates his ego.

Kwame, on the other hand, didn't Michael Jordan take whatever pride he had left? Whatever MJ didn't destroy, his old buddy Phil already took care of. Does Kwame really need to be further humiliated and mercilessly taunted by his home crowd in front of a national audience? Who knows - Kwame may still pull an Eli and have his breakthrough season. Okay, I'm totally reaching, but c'mon, LA. Do you really want to be known as the Giants fans of the West?

Stick to the cruel but funny stuff. For example, whoever called Leandro Barbosa in his hotel room and told him he was traded to the Knicks???? This person was so believable that Leandro ended up in tears at Dan D'Antoni's door asking why the Suns would trade him away. Soooooooo mean! But hilarious. And a lesson for all NBA players - never use your real name when you're on the road. Poor sweet, innocent Leandro. According to Ron Mexico, your new alias is Philippe Poland.

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