Thursday, July 21, 2005

The More You Know...A PSA

Yippee skippy - New episode of NBA Rookies on tonight at midnight on Spike TV, the channel that doesn't realize midnight signifies the start of a new day. Sadly, this episode is titled "Post season" so I doubt there will be any JR Smith anecdotes to share tomorrow.

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post, but I am fucking tired. I just started tutoring 10- to 13-year-olds in English and them bastards are trying to break me down. I've told them my name at least 20 times but they insist on calling me "teacher," or rather "
TEACHER!" And since they repeat everything I say, except of course my name, I've taken to swearing in Spanish and French, with the occasional "schiessen." I started calling one of the boys "Rasheed" because he has a mouth that just won't quit. They're cute little buggers, though, especially the one that looks at me after everything I say and just says, "Yes?"

Carl, do you know what a synonym is?
Okay, what's a synonym?
No, what is a synonym?
Carl, do you understand what I'm saying?
Okay, so what's a synonym?
Aight, good boy, Carl.
Rasheed usually comes over at this point and says, "Carl doesn't know what you're saying." Yes, Rasheed, I realize he doesn't understand. "Okay, I'm just telling you he doesn't understand." Thank you, Rasheed. "You see, he didn't know what you were saying." I've decided that teachers deserve a tenfold pay raise. Immediately.

If I don't pass out after watching Rookies, I'll finally put up my post on Linda Shanklin and Big Earl Smith. Until then, use a condom! Children ain't a joke!


Anonymous said...

Eff. I've been missing my NBA's Finest.

Good to know what you've been up to, TEACHER!

Awesome, actually. More admiration to you for working with kids.

Especially Rasheed and Carl. They probably need you most.

Anonymous said...

we have a very similar boy to carl in our class. and mind you, it's high school i'm talkin bout.. =)

i've been missin your posts too, keep up the good work ;)

Anonymous said...

So, will NBA's Finest be back when the season starts or will Rasheed and Carl still require all of your attention?

Going through Courtside rants withdrawal here.