Thursday, July 14, 2005

ESPYs, Dwyane Wade Style

Look at Flash burgeoning into a superstar, on and off the court, right before our eyes. I think his association with Sean John will prove to be mutually beneficial. Not that he looked bad before, as evidenced below in a picture from last year ESPYs, but he looks more polished now, like he doesn't have to try as hard. And standing next to him of course is everyone's favorite sidekick, Damon "the Butler" Jones. Nice shades, superstar.

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mokulen said...

I don't know but to me he was just as smooth last year as he was this year. (Then again I know crap about fashion. :)) I loved Simmons description of Wade - about how suave he was, how he had no entourage - from his column covering the awards show last year. I'd break out the quote if ESPN hadn't made his and everyone elses archived articles Insider stuff ... >:(