Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Adios, Madrid

Madrid has officially been eliminated from the running - the 3rd city eliminated after Moscow and New York. Here's the reaction according to a BBC reporter Matt Williams, live in Madrid:
Disappointment, shock and surprise - those are the feelings here. They were chanting 'A Madrid' before the announcement but that has now changed and I can't repeat what they're saying now.

Don't you just love the Brits' sense of humour?

And, as I just found out, Madrid even sent someone other than Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario. Look who else decided to join the party in Singapore:

Pow-Pau Gasol. Alas, neither he nor the Spanish delegation's choice of Harry Potter ties did any good. Oh well, there's always 2016. For New York, too. Maybe by then we'll actually manage to put a decent delegation together...perhaps even have a president who can not only talk out of his ass, but can kiss some as well.


Henrik Löwenhamn said...

isn't it Raul to the right as well?


Courtside said...

Good eye, Henrik. You're clearly not an American, as you can spot a soccer player who doesn't tweeze his eyebrows. How ya doin', Becks.

For everyone else, that's Raul Gonzalez, Real Madrid, teammate of David Beckham.

Courtside said...

By the way, Henrik, I've been meaning to ask you - What's your opinion on good ol' Freddie?