Monday, August 29, 2005

Ladies' Favorite Dime Piece

Look who's on the cover of the latest Dime. The Man himself, Mr. Dwyane Wade. I'll let you know how the article is once I stop drooling over the pictures.

One thing that bothers the hell out of me - yes, just one thing this time :) - is that once we girls get past the
Teen Beat/Big Bopper stage, we're marketed to the same way as men - namely, with images of women. Think about it. Men's magazines like Maxim and FHM have covers of Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, etc. Women's magazines like Vogue and InStyle have covers of, yup, Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, etc. Men's Health and GQ use coverboys, like Tom "I hate my golden boy image so I'm going to pose for GQ and Gap" Brady, but we girls still only get other girls for Self and Elle. And if we pick up a Dime or Slam because that's where one finds gorgeous pictures of 1/4-naked men, we have to sift through all the "Dime pieces" and pictures of 3/4-naked girls. No wonder we get so catty - we're sick of being force fed one another.

So that's my spiel of the day. But still, definitely check out the latest Dime. It's hot!


Anonymous said...

so this is the ONLY posting that sounds like english to me on your site.

i think the real problem you're having with female magazines is that you're horny as hell. why don't you just go down the street to le sex shoppe and get what you REALLY need?

that picture IS kinda sexy though... personally I get my fix from the non-gender specific music magazines with the many lovely pictures of male models. wanna see a nice picture, check out the print ads for sean john or abercrombie (i hate 'em but they are getting bolder than ever with their undies ads!)


guess who ;)

Flash said...

as a man who loves bball, it's weird seeing dwyane wade on the cover with a pose like that. i was looking for wade news the other day and came across converse's site. he has a shoe deal with them and i guess they decided to create these videos exploring his life. they are cool for bball fans to learn more about him, but i would imagine the ladies would be fans too.

check it: