Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Day 5: Coffee

But I only had 6 ounces - that's not even a full cup. (I'm sure some of you are scratching your heads right now so here's the lesson of the day from NBA's Finest: 1 cup = 8 ounces.) I couldn't help it. I was starting to look like Jeff Van Gundy, especially around the eyes.

But it wasn't just for vanity's sake that I broke my vow; it was for my sanity as well. Case in point - I needed a yoga mat so I went to the very spiritual, very we-accept-all-people Center for Yoga. I took off my shoes (rules of the center), picked out a mat, and went to pay. That's when things got a little testy. Basically, I nearly impaled the girl at the register with a pack of incense sticks because I thought she was trying to charge me $50 for a $20 yoga mat, when in fact she was charging me $50 for a $50 yoga mat. (It's hard to see with Jeff Van Gundy eyes.) That's not the insane part though. Sadly for me, almost impaling someone and accidentally calling them a "bloodsucking yogi" is all part of my daily, no-coffee routine. The insane part was that I actually bought the $50 mat. $50 for an all natural, earth-friendly, but in the end, piece of rubber. See, this would never have happened if I were in my right mind. In trying to save $3-5 a day, I ended up blowing $50. So that's when I caved and bought my 6 oz of coffee. I figured I better have some before I had to buy anything else out of guilt...or legal action.

That was Sunday. I went all Monday without a single cup, or ounce, or incident. We'll see what tomorrow holds.

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