Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lord Help Me. I Can't Get Enough JR Smith!

If you read this blog back in its heyday when I posted more than once a month, you know of my fondness for JR Smith. I mean the boy had Spongebob slippers that were 5 sizes too small for him, he bought his first house in New Orleans only to be kicked out of the master bedroom by his parents, and he read Harold and the Purple Crayon. How could you not love him? (Don't answer that, Byron Scott.) He was the living embodiment of the term 'childlike insouciance.'

Now 5 years later, for better or for worse, he still is. Note the grandstanding in the pictures above. Then, note the score and the time. Classic JR. He really can't help himself. Just look at his face in the picture on the right! That was right after he made a reverse dunk. Some people thought he was gloating over his old coach Bryon Scott, but he's actually signaling to someone on his own bench -- George Karl maybe? Is it mature? Hell no. Is it kind of an asshole thing to do? For sure. Is it totally and 100% JR? Absolutely! And he's loving every second of it.

Herein lies the difference between JR Smith and Carmelo Anthony. When JR's out there swaggering and acting a fool in the 4th, that's really JR just being JR. He's not going to apologize for himself...rather George Karl will be out there crying, "We're humble!" til he's all red in the face. (George Karl does not get blue in the face. Trust me, it gets red.) Melo, on the other hand...he's supposed to be top dog. In his postgame tonight, he even said,
"It is my house. What do you want me to say? Chauncey moved in with me."
As top dog, the dog should wag the tail, meaning the team should take on the characteristics of their supposed leader. In Melo's case, the tail wags the dog. Right after JR started jacking 3s and made that reverse dunk, guess who wanted to take part in the fun and started shooting 3s himself. Mr. Chauncey-moved-in-with-me. If you're gonna walk the walk (strut the swagger?), have the balls to back it up. But Melo, in classic one punch and run away/the weed was in my bag but it's not mine Melo form, doesn't want to be seen as a bad guy. He's tough, mind you. See the tatts? Remember the cornrows? Stop snitchin? He's real, damnit! But don't worry, marketers. He's just as likable as Lebron or DWade, and he respects the Hornets. Umm, no you don't. Your four shots with a huge smile on your face with less than 5 minutes left and a 20 point lead show you don't. How many shots did Chauncey take during that same time? Zero. The thing is, I don't give a shit about that. If you want to run up the score and the other team isn't stopping you, go right ahead. But don't fucking apologize or give some lame ass, halfhearted excuse afterward. It's fake and insulting and not JR.

Basically, JR Smith > Carmelo Anthony.

Chauncey Billups on JR in his postgame:
"JR's definitely a work in progress. He's young. He has the ability to be a perennial All Star. He's our 6th starter and he plays with a starter's swagger."


Anonymous said...

So what are they supposed to do, let the shot clock run out and walk away? Someone has got to shoot the ball when the clock runs down. The Nuggets were basically showing mercy at that point in the game by not actually running an offense, leaving someone to chuck up a shot at some point, late in the clock. Maybe the Hornets shouldn't have put themselves in that situation.

GeneralPhysician said...

First, during the on the court, post game comments on TNT Melo was asked if he was thankful for GK and he immediately turned it around and said that GK was thankful for him!

Then, to see GK try and hammer home the idea that the Nuggs weren't cocky was peculiar.

I mean, this is all somewhat understandable given the circumstance of the whole season and the subsequent overriding DOMINANCE they displayed in this series. But, just like Boston was and still is cocky, and Kobe is definitely cocky, I think its ok for the Nuggets to take on some cockiness.

They are in uncharted territory now.

RR said...

The Denver Post had a story last summer of JR playing golf at a typical muni, getting paired with some unknown person, and chest bumping and whooping up with that person when he made a hole in one. Great story.

JR leads the NBA, if fact he leads the universe, in 4-point shots made (and attempted). NOBODY in the NBA regularly launches 26 foot shots. Reggie Miller said something similar in Hornets game 5.

JR is so much fun to watch. His 3-point stroke is effortless and right there with Ray Allen's in terms of form.

ticktock6 said...

Hmph. You haven't convinced me to stop taunting JR. But... you have convinced me that I clearly NEED to dig up this NBA Rookies show and watch it immediately ASAP now.

Courtside said...

@RR - That story is awesome! So JR. I'm going to Google it now.

@ticktock6 - Knew you would love NBA Rookies!! :)

Treenie Beanie said...

LMBO!!! This thing you have JR is hilarious

king13 said...

I Love JR, but not the Nuggets...

#nicolo said...

Nuggets has stayed put this offseason. Minimal team changes.

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Anthony Merkel said...
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NBA Analyst: Anthony Merkel said...

I have always loved J.R. Smith. He has always caught my eye as a sleeping giant. I believe the 2008-2009 season was his wake up party. I do not think Denver will be able to keep him for the rest of his career though by keeping him on the bench as a 6th man roll. I can think of a bunch of teams that would love to start him and make him there go to man night in and night out.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

JR is one of those players who you either love or hate. Some games he plays like absolute trash giving countless turnovers or fouls and some games he's the star player.

He is a player who has a load of potential but in order to do that he has to knuckle down and become a more consistent player.

magmt said...

definitely understand the jr love. he can be a monster on any given night. but i wonder if he'll ever live up to his potential and become consistent.

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nbabeats said...

There is defenitely nothing wrong with being cocky. But there is a fine line you have to walk. If you cross it you are annoying and I don't like it. But I do not think JR Smith has crossed that line. I like JR. I think he has mad game. But to get to that level you got to be a little cocky. They all now there good. You don't have to show it and I like that better. But if you do show just do not cross that line and you are fine in my book. If you do your a dork.

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