Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shaq to Phoenix in Hopes of Becoming One

Well, if anyone can do it, Shaq can. If anyone can help him do it, Nash can.

Still, I'm as surprised as anyone by this trade, in part because I didn't think the Suns would actually let Shawn Marion go. He's their workhorse, albeit a disgruntled one. Nonetheless, he does all the dirty work. I voted for him and Steve Nash for the All Star Game from the Suns. I can understand Shawn's frustration though. He wants to be an All Star and get some individual credit, even if it means giving up the chance to play with Nash and going to a crappy team. It worked for Joe Johnson. I don't agree with it, but I understand. I also hate that the Joe Johnson route worked, that he is an All Star for the second time as a Hawk. My best friend lives in Atlanta and used to go to school with Josh Childress, and she still wouldn't be able to name the NBA team that plays there even if I gave her 2 choices. Maybe if we followed the Jeff Van Gundy plan - not let any player from a sub-.500 team on the All Star teams - this desire to abandon a non-sinking ship for a sinking one wouldn't be as intense. Then again, considering the egos, maybe not.

I hope Shaq and the Suns work out. He's had enough personal, physical and occupational turmoil for the year. With Pau-pow to the Lakers and Shaq to the Suns, I hope the Mavs and San Antone have something up their sleeves. Considering the ignominious end to the NFL season, it'll be interesting to see how the second half of the NBA season plays out. Get your popcorn ready. Ugh. I can't believe T.O. has entered my lexicon. SportsCenter has destroyed my mind.

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